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Guns n Roses- Chinese Democracy Review

There’s a lot of controversial albums in the world; Death Magnetic by Metallica, Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A., Nevermind the Bollocks by The Sex Pistols.

But they all pale in comparison to Chinese Democracy. An album of Dr. Pepper promotions, crazy chicken men, and Martin Luther King Jr. recordings.

Beginning in 1997 but not being released until 2008, Chinese Democracy features Axl Rose as the sole founding member to return from their previous release The Spaghetti Incident? In 1993.

Axl had full control over this album since day one. Axl brought in a number of musicians including, Buckethead (just look at this man! who demanded a chicken coop in the studio while recording.

Production of this album took so long that Dr. Pepper made a bet with Axl saying that he couldn’t get the album done by the end of 2008 saying they would give everyone in America one free Dr. Pepper except Buckethead or former guitarist Slash.

In November of 2008, we got Chinese Democracy and as I sip my free Dr. Pepper I ask myself “was it worth it?’

Track 1 Chinese Democracy, where does one find the words for this. Axl needs a hug. That’s all I could say. This track is overly angry, overly aggressive and overly in your face. I can smell Axl’s breath.

Track 3 Better holds a special place in my heart. I know it can be… please excuse the pun… “Better” but the song is sincere in a corny way. I love this song but I understand why someone wouldn’t.

Track 4 Street of Dreams is the first power ballad of the album. Knowing Axl Rose we know we can expect great music as ballads are his specialty. Buuuuuuutt it’s so bland so so very bland. In fact let’s name all the bland tracks. Tracks 5 – 14.


The greatest crime of this album is that it sounds dull and over rehearsed. I’m sure the demos for this album are better. This is an Axl Roses solo album that has been stuck in the oven too long. Now it’s dry. But at least the album didn’t have a deluxe edition.

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