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Mir Fontane for XXL

Mir Fontane is a 24 year old Hip Hop artist from Camden, NJ. Two of his fairly recent songs “Down by the River” and “Frank Ocean” reached well over one million plays and he is a candidate for the XXL Freshman Class of 2018.

He got my vote for a few reasons. He kills every melody for the lack of better terms. I appreciate the way that he is keeping the music in music. I grew up in a family of music and so I appreciate when people are actually talented, and not just yelling or doing something else that does not sound melodic whatsoever. Another reason I have a lot of respect for him is because of the true emotion in his music.

He creates a true mood behind every song and you can definitely feel it. He is a great story teller in his music which really helped seal the deal with me. He paints a picture with his lyrics and it’s pretty incredible that he hasn’t already been selected to a freshman list.

My personal favorite from Fontane is his song Frank Ocean. He wrote it speaking to a female that wouldn’t listen to his music and names a few others that she listened to instead. He doesn’t necessarily say that it’s bad, in fact he says, “I aint hatin’ I just wanna be your favorite.” He’s basically saying he likes the artists she listens to as well, but he takes it more personally for obvious reasons. I advise you to head over to your favorite music platform and find his music ASAP.

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