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The Musical Mitten is a podcast about Michigan music. Episodes release Mondays at 5pm, and can be found on Buzzsprout, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and our website, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @themusicalmi 

Each week Stu and Ben tackle a new topic on the road to a perfect top ten list. They disagree, they argue, and they may even fight, but through it all they learn.

They attempt to settle the unsettleable, and make reason out of the unreasonable.

Macro Mentalities.jpg

Macro Mentalities is a self-improvement podcast that focuses on mental health, toughness, and awareness. Here, you will find ways to overcome newly arisen obstacles caused by mental blocks.

Releases every Monday at 3 p.m.


From conspiracy theories to spooky stories, Julia Mellinger and Taylor Wilsey cover it all. Welcome to your false reality. New episodes release everywhere you get podcasts on Fridays.

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