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Welcome back to Keyon’s Top Five Favorite NBA Point Guards. Last time, I explained why Chris Paul was my second favorite point guard. Today, we will discuss who is my most favorite point guard. This point guard was not the ideal point guard. Point guards are usually the shortest on the team and are the point guard by default. He even played and won an NBA championship while playing center for a game. It was incredible. He is the reason why I became so flashy on the court. My favorite point guard ever is Earvin “Magic” Johnson. 

Magic stood at 6’9 and his vision was already insane but being so tall he could just see over the defense and pick them apart. Watching the “showtime” Lakers were always exciting. I was not able to watch Magic live so highlights of him passing were some of the highlight I grew up watching. I even did a project on how impactful Magic’s game was for the NBA in middle school.

I know almost ever basketball player does ball handling drills, shooting drills and defensive drills. My dad had me doing passing drills almost like every day. I had to throw bounce passes and chest passes through cones, chairs and other obstacles. I had to weave through chairs and throw a no look pass to my dad and if it would hit the chairs or not hit him directly in the chest I would have to do the drill from the very beginning. My dad told me to start watching Magic and watch how as a point guard he sees plays 1-2 plays ahead. 

Magic to me is the best point guard to ever play the game. He has inspired a lot of basketball players that grew up wanting to be team players. Passing is the best part of my game and I love being able to set my teammates up and give them open shots. I would rather have 10 assists then 10 points but it just doesn’t work like that some games. 

Magic played for the Los Angeles Lakers for his entire NBA career. Battling injuries and other serious personal problems Magic kept a smile on his face and the respect he had from his teammates was incredible. I always wanted to be the teammate that was unselfish yet knows when to speak up and let my teammates know when they aren't playing to their capability by picking them up when they are down. Just out there playing the game the right way and having fun yet staying competitive is what I took form watching Magic. Below I will drop a link to some Magic Johnson highlights. Thanks for tuning into the #whynot report.  Remember during this quarantine, stay safe and stay inside. 

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