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Round Room Rambling episode 6

In this week's episode, host, Sebastian O'Leary sat down with his co-host Carlos Santos and talked about the newest sports season to start... basketball.

We discussed our opinions facing the National Basketball Association and some of the massive rule changes in the coming years, our opinions on what players have revolutionized the game the most in their time as professional athletes, and much more.

The commission for the NBA is changing its eligibility rules as soon as 2024. Many years ago, if high school basketball players had such an elite skill level at such a young age like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and even Kevin Garnett they could get drafted straight out of high school with nothing but a diploma. However, in 2005 that was changed by the league with the, "hopes to reverse it," and keep young talent flowing in. After almost 20 years of making young players take their talents overseas, or wasting a year in college to just get drafted after a good freshman year this rule is set to be changed and we talked about the positives and negatives of the rule changes.

There could be multiple NBA athletes that are considered to have revolutionized the game of basketball. Whether it's all the old heads from the 40s, 50s, or even the 60s... The "middle-aged" generational plays of the 80s and 90s like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson... or even players still in the league like LeBron and Steph Curry. Sebastian and Carlos voice their opinions on who and why they decide who they do because of things like shoe branding, evolving the dunk contest, and even the three-point contest.

Everyone loves to ponder on thoughts like, "Well what if this or that happened," or an NBA-specific, "What if the Pistons traded for Kobe Bryant," but those are all things of the past, a segment we talked about was the biggest "What Ifs" around basketball. There are a lot of subjects and topics that could have their own, "what if, twists to them like injuries, trades, and even saying what if certain plays never happened.

The boys also sit down and have their own little debate on what teams were the best to ever play in the NBA, with a fun three-round draft board of all-time NBA teams. Let us know on our Instagram who won the draft board @RoundRoomRambling_Pod

Also, pushing our focus away from the sports theme, we have our beloved, "Are You In The Known," segment where Sebastian tries his hardest to stump the wise-minded Carlos, working most of the time, but not always. Mostly all of the time, this segment ends with a good laugh. However, as always we challenge you to guess along with Carlos with your own answers.

Drop a follow to our Spotify and Anchor page by searching, "Round Room Rambling" in the search bar, and also go give us a follow on our Instagram @RoundRoomRambling_Pod to stay up to date and engaged with all Round Room Rambling content.

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