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The #whynot report

Welcome back to Keyon’s Top Five Favorite NBA Point Guards. Last time, I explained why Baron Davis was my fourth favorite point guard. Today, we will discuss who is my third most favorite point guard. We will change things up because I grew up a pass first point guard. Being a showman yet keeping it simple at times. Getting the crowd involved, hearing the ooos and ahhs is a great feeling. With that at times I can do too much. Seeing my teammate shine off my assist was like me scoring myself. For number 3 I had to choose between three flashy passing point guards. Jason Williams, Jason Kidd and Rajon Rondo. This is tough because I watched a lot of all of them growing up, but Rondo was my favorite player growing up before Russell Westbrook. Jason “White Chocolate” Williams was one of the most underrated point guards of all time and his vison was unreal. Jason Kidd was just a wizard.

It’s a tough decision but my third favorite point guard is Rajon Rondo.

Rondo was not the best shooter but everything else he could do. He could get all the way to the rom. He could make a teammate open that thought they weren't open. He could lead a team of older veterans and run the show. He could have a defensive presence on the court and be very disruptive. He could rebound with some of the best rebound big men in the NBA while standing at about 6 foot 1. At that time when Rondo was with the Boston Celtics, I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to be just like Rondo. I bought his shirts. I bought his All- Star jersey. Going out to the gym and practicing the fake behind the back just like Rondo. Practicing floaters and wearing a headband. I just couldn’t see myself wearing number 9, it didn’t me. Growing up people said I was Rondo with a jump shot which I found was very funny. 

Rondo’s best days were when he was a Celtic. This is where he took off to stardom. They had a great run including a championship. Before Luka and Westbrook, Rondo was the point guard who was getting triple doubles with 16 and 18 rebounds. He is considered a stat-sheet stuffer, ranking 11th in NBA history for triple-doubles with 32 in the regular season, to go with 10 in the playoffs. Rondo has long been known as an elite facilitator in the NBA, ranking fourth in Celtics history in assists and third in steals. 

Today, Rondo is with LeBron and the LA Lakers looking for another championship run which almost gives them a 90% shot with LeBron on the team. Rondo’s game does not age. He was never super explosive or super quick even though he is quick and athletic.  Rondo was brought to the Lakers to mentor young point guard Lonzo Ball but once the Lakers shipped him out of there, they just needed the veteran play of Rondo. Rondo is one of the best NBA point guards of all time and wining at least one championship helped his legacy. Below I will drop a link to some Rajon Rondo highlights. Tune in next time to see who my second favorite NBA point guard is.  Remember during this quarantine, stay safe and stay inside. 

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