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Welcome back to the #whynot report. Keyon’s Top Five Favorite NBA Point Guards. Last time, I explained why Russell Westbrook is my fifth favorite but currently my favorite NBA player today. Today, we will discuss who is my fourth favorite. My fourth favorite is one of the toughest point guards to ever play but injury shorten his career. At number four I have Baron Davis.

Baron Davis had it all. He was crafty, he was savvy, he could dunk on you. He could check the best point guards and he also would lead a team.  Baron was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets where he led them to the playoffs in only his second year. 

With the Hornets, Baron began to shock the league but when he went to the Golden State Warriors is where he began his stardom. I loved watching his highlights and games as a Warrior. He was just so good it was great to watch. Back then there weren't any Steph Curry’s shooting from 45 feet. You had guards that could just make defenders look silly and dunk on 7 footers with ease. Baron was one of them.  Baron was a part of the “We Believe” Golden State Warriors team in 2007 who was the first number 8 seed to beat a number 1 seed in the NBA playoffs. 

Basketball injuries are very disappointing especially when you have the talent of someone like Baron. The potential will always be there, but we will just never know how good Baron would have been if he never got injured. Baron is up there with Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Brandon Roy and Derrick Rose as those that had their talent stunned because of injury. All of those guys still bounced back to continue to play the game, but they were just never the same player as they were before injury. Some lasted in the league longer than others. 

When watching Baron Davis, I watched how he led his team. I watched how hard he would dribble and how creative he used the dribble to get to where he wanted to go. Baron Davis is somebody who players know if he wouldn’t have gotten injured, he would have been one of the top point guards to ever play. Being as I have been through some tough injuries myself especially during my senior year of college, I respect the way Baron always fought back and tried to go out and prove the doubters wrong. I also seen how he used his defensive ability to slow down other guard sand get them rattled so I knew to be a better player I would have to play both sides of the floor. Below I will drop a link to some Baron Davis highlights. Tune in next time to see who my third favorite NBA point guard is.  Remember during this quarantine, stay safe and stay inside. 

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