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Welcome back to Keyon’s Top Five Favorite NBA Point Guards. Last time, I explained why Rajon Rondo was my third favorite point guard. Today, we will discuss who is my second most favorite point guard. A lot of people give this guy a hard time in today’s game because on what happened with the Clippers and his situation in Houston with James Harden. My second most favorite point guard is Chris Paul. This second spot was super tough because I love Steve Nash, but I would have to give the edge to Chris Paul.

People counted Paul out this season. It was so many rumors about him not being able to stay healthy, how him being traded to the Thunder was not going to be permanent and how bad the Thunder were going to be with him and how they were going to start rebuilding. They were currently 5th in the Western Conference and shocked the entire NBA. Ironically, they had a better record than the Rockets.

Fans now a days see the slow yet crafty Chris Paul. The prime Chris Paul was when he was with the Hornets who are now the Pelicans. Paul’s best statical season is when he was a Hornet. In the 2009-2009 season Paul averaged 22.8 points per game, 11 assists per game and 2.8 steals per game. All are career highs. The league shut a huge trade down that would of sent Paul to the Lakers to team up with Kobe Bryant. Since that day Paul has been chasing a championship. He was one game away two years ago but was defeated by the greatness of the Warriors. 

I first started watching Chris Paul when I started to take basketball serious. I went to a Hornets game against the Pistons when I was 13 and ever since then I seen how good Paul was and how he was stronger than most guards. I knew I had to get stronger in general but seeing how Paul would use his body to shield off defenders was something I took from his game. I ordered these twistable pushups and used them every day. I never could get bigger physically until high school, but I felt myself getting stronger. 

Chris Paul will go down as one of the all-time greats at his position. Paul is a great veteran for the young guys and young talent the Thunder has. I don’t know what Paul’s future is, but I see him playing a couple more years in the league. His vison, savviness, his improved shooting ability and great leadership ability to lead a team is why he is one of my favorites. Paul is just fun to watch and the ultimate competitor. CP3 which is Paul’s nickname will stay around forever. Below I will drop a link to some Chris Paul highlights. Tune in next time to see who takes the number one spot for my favorite NBA point guard is.  Remember during this quarantine, stay safe and stay inside. 

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