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The Greasy Review: Quarantine Edition

Review No. 1 - Black Clover During my time under quarantine I was able to take some suggestions from my audience and create a very special series for the members of my audience that don't get a lot of recognition. Black Clover is an Anime that started in 2017. It currently has 3 seasons and there are fan theories that a fourth season could be made to follow the on-going Manga series. I chose to do this series as I was both interested in the show, and in need of reviewing something new for my audience. During this quarantine, it’s important to remember that there is always something new to experience, even when you’re not allowed to go out. So, enjoy this review and I hope that you may get the chance to watch this show. Title: Black Clover Season 1 Genre: Action/Adventure Episodes: 51 Medium: Anime Summary: Season 1 of Black Clover started out as commonly as other shows. It began by introducing the two main characters, Asta and Yuno. These two had a rough start but they were destined to be rivals. These boys both worked hard to train their magic in order to pass the Magic Knights Exam in the Royal Capital. After an impressive show, They passed and joined a squad of their own. As the season progressed the boys faced many enemies with their teammates and continued to protect their beloved kingdom in order to complete their own dreams of becoming the Wizard King. Review: The first discussion I would like to have is about the show's ability to create strong connections with the audience. They begin with Asta and Yuno being abandoned as babies and then through the show, Asta and Yuno are both disrespected because of their status as “commoners”. The boys went through a ton of development within the first season and it was because of the show's story line that the creators were able to do that for the audience. The second discussion is about the power of this world. Essentially, everyone has magic, thus they all have gri

moires with spells they created or found that help them with life or with their service to the clover Kingdom. It’s not like other shows as this magic power is given to a person by birth and they can train to become more powerful however, the social stratus happens to put a cap on the abilities of those labeled as commoners. However, throughout the first season they talk about how their society is too focused on the social status that people won’t work to get stronger. Instead , people will just accept the hand they are dealt and continue to live an impoverished life. Title: Black Clover Season 2 Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy Episodes: 51 Medium: Anime Summary: In Season two, We pick up right after the season one Cliff-hanger. Season two begins its story by focusing on Yuno and his progress since the Magic Knights Exam. As the season progresses, the audience becomes more informed about the terrorist group that has been endangering the clover kingdom. The terrorist group happened to also be behind the previous battles Asta has been in. Season 2 also brought character development not just for asta and yuno but for their squadmates as well. Review: First of all, the battles in season two are different from other shows. They are fast paced, contain multiple powerful spells/attacks and most battles have a shorter back story than other popular shows. Each battle does contain character development. That's because more powerful spells develop inside a character’s grimoire during a time of distress. Second, I feel that Black clover did an excellent job with introducing different types and elements used for magic while also keeping the battle focused on the reasons for the fight rather than the magic used to fight. Title: Black Clover Season 3 Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy Episodes: 18 Medium: Anime Summary: Season 3 is the final part of the series long plot to destroy humanity. Every episode pieced together the story from 500 years ago that was now repeating itself. However, Asta and Yuno happened to be the new guardians of humanity and it all led to a final battle between good and evil. Review: Season 3 is difficult for me to discuss with a clear conscience as I do not want to give away details that may spoil the experience for my audience if they decide to watch this show. With that being said, I found Season 3 to be the best ending to a series that I've seen in a while. Of course, there is still more to come but season three tied up loose ends and finished a story line. Kind of like Naruto: Shonen Jump. Both of these shows had an ending I found similar. They had finished a big battle, and ended the season by having character’s realize their progress throughout the series. Then the main character would be leaving for a mission and training in order to further protect their cities or villages.

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