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Shooting False Realities: TV Show Conspiracies

WARNING: potential spoilers!

Conspiracy theories are all around us, even right in your face! On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, we talked about our favorite TV shows and what conspiracy theories went with them.

We first dove into The Office; is Toby the Scranton Strangler? The evidence we looked at points to that he might be! In one episode, the office workers stand in the conference room watching the windows because a police chase is going on right outside the office! It was mentioned on the news on Pam’s computer that the Scranton Strangler was on the run and the office workers were there to witness it, except one person; where’s Toby Flenderson?

The theory is that Toby was actually in the car that was being chased, and the office workers were watching him all along and didn’t know! He also didn’t make it to the Glee watch party that night! Then Toby makes it onto the jury for the murder trial, and he helped put a suspect named George Howard Scubb behind bars. Later on in the seasons, Toby went to visit Scubb in prison, and the theory is that Scubb knew that Toby was the strangler and that’s why he attacked him when Toby went to go visit him. Do you think he’s the strangler or is it just a coincidence?

In the beloved kid’s show, Sesame Street, the infamous purple vampire named The Count, may not be such a good guy after all. He is known for teaching children math through different fun number games. What if that just wasn’t fulfilling enough for him? What if he had some ulterior motive to lure these children in? It’s theorized that The Count actually lures these children to their death. Perhaps that’s the reasoning behind why the children change so frequently. The Count teaches the children all about numbers right before he eats them. However, the adults on the show stay pretty consistent throughout the show… do they just turn a blind eye to The Count’s doing or are they under some vampiric spell?

It is knowingly believed that the Flintstones take place in the prehistoric ages, thousands of years ago, but would it make more sense if it was actually in a post apocalyptic future? Perhaps there was a nuclear war that bombed society back to the Stone Age. Throughout this cartoon, modern technology is used such as a garbage disposal, lamps, or even a satellite. How would they ever have the knowledge of these not yet invented objects if it was actually in the past as believed? A nuclear war would make sense for them to start over from scratch while still holding the knowledge of the technology that they once had.

Is Breaking Bad The Walking Dead prequel? Walter White was responsible for many horrific things in Breaking Bad, but could he be responsible for a zombie apocalypse? Fans have noticed that there is a presence of blue meth in both shows. In an episode of The Walking Dead, Merle (Daryl’s brother) was known to have a secret drug stash and it contained blue meth, and blue meth is what made Walter White a big drug lord. Another crossover that occurred was when Glenn stole a red sports car to get back to his camp after he saved Rick from the tank, and it is believed that it’s the same sports car from Breaking Bad.

Time and time again throughout Stranger Things, Eleven saves the rest of the children numerous times from the monsters they face in the show… but what if Eleven was actually the cause of all of these issues in the first place? There was a climactic showdown between Eleven and the Demogorgon at the end of the first season. During this scene, Eleven even says, "I am the monster,". This could imply that Eleven is linked to the monster. What if the monster is the Upside Down version of Eleven?

In Shameless, Debbie is not actually Frank's child. Her father could actually be Frank's brother, Clayton. At one point in the show, Lip and Ian took a paternity test to see if Frank was their actual father. Debbie never did. However, Ian found out he was not Frank's biological child, this could lead to Debbie being the same way. Instead, he was a product of Monica's affair with Clayton. Both Debbie and Ian are the only red-headed Gallaghers and they both show a heavy amount of crazy.

To hear more about these shows, hear our opinions, and to feel the passion that we put into these theories, go listen to the episode on Spotify or Anchor!

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