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Sadler's selections returns!

Well, it's certainly been a while. Between Covid-19 and the subsequent quarantine, plenty of things have happened in the world of gaming. I'm not here to talk about that though - I'm here to announce that Sadler's Selections will be coming back this semester, although with some pretty noticeable changes.

For the sake of safety against the threat of the aforementioned Covid-19, I will be recording Sadler's Selections remotely this semester. I plan to go for a more video-centered format in order to increase both the audience's attention, as well as potentially increase interactivity between myself and the audience. I am not sure about when I will be uploading episodes each week, but know that new episodes will be posted both here and on the Sadler's Selections Facebook page.

You can find more updates on the show on the Sadler's Selections Facebook page:

I hope to see you all soon! Stay positive my friends,

- Andy

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