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Political Chatter: BLM edition

By Julia Mellinger

If I were to have a heart attack at the exact same that time you broke your arm, in the exact same restaurant, I would get medical attention first.

That doesn’t mean that your pain, isn’t pain.

It just means that one is more severe.

The Black Lives Matter movement wasn't made to belittle any other race.

It was made to bring light to the oppression of people of color that's still going on TODAY.

No one said all lives didn’t matter… and no one said that your life isn’t hard.

But one is more severe.

I've heard people say, “People of color is an offensive term and by definition we have all suffered from oppression”

The literal definition for the term “person of color” is someone who is not white.

Meaning that the phrase pertains to every other race except for white people because every other race has been oppressed.

Just because people of my skin tone were killed during things like the holocaust, doesn’t mean white people have been oppressed for their race.

On top of that, the literal definition for oppression is “prolonged cruel treatment”, which we have not experienced due to our race.

Although people who look like me have been oppressed due to their nationality, their religious beliefs and their sexuality, doesn’t mean that they were ever oppressed for the color of their skin.

Maybe people would stop treating the law enforcement like they're less than, when they stop treating people of color like their less than.

It makes sense.

I've seen people on social media say, “Not everything is about race!"

They're absolutely right, not everything is about race; however, this is.

Because if a young white male can be escorted out of a school by police officers wearing a bulletproof vest that they provided for him, after shooting his classmates and teachers, why are young black men and women being murdered?

Because white police officers were threatened by the color of their skin and they're walking away from these situations, only being fired from their job.

It’s about race.

What bothers me the most is when people say “All lives matter”.

If people actually acted like all lives mattered, then the Black Lives Matters movement wouldn’t have had a reason to start so,


With the elections coming up in less than a month, it's important to vote. I'm not here to tell you who to vote for, but to just look at the facts.

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