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Online Learning

My favorite spots,

During this time, I have two favorite spots I love learning online! During this time, I encourage you to find that favorite spot in your home. Jung-ling 18 credits this semester online, has not been the easiest for me. But, having these two favorite spots in my lovely home has made it much easier for me.

In the picture to your left is one of my favorite places. This place is station at the dinner table. As you can see, I have my laptop and computer mouse. Also, I have a small pizza, with coffee...those weird combinations of foods.This is my favorite spot because I dislike sitting straight up for periods of times. But, sitting straight up and having to focus on my work helps me progress much faster. Then, laying in bed doing homework.

The picture to your right is my "chill stretch out" spot, while working on my assignments. I prefer this area for when I am working on assignments during the hours of 1-6 a.m.

Again, I encourage you to find a favorite place in YOUR home, whether working or not.

Find peace during this time.

Signing off,


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