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OC Golf Adjusts to COVID-19 Restrictions

It is common knowledge at this point in 2020 that life today is far different than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Sports are no exception to this. In fact, virtually all sports at Olivet College are impacted somehow by COVID-19 restrictions, whether that be in changes to the usual schedule, the requirement of masks at all times, or other things in between.

COVID-19’s impact on golf is not as substantial as it is for sports with more close contact, like basketball or football. Since golfers are already distanced naturally, they are not required to wear masks on the course.

Instead, the restrictions are focused on avoiding equipment being shared amongst different teams and players as it typically would.

Senior Crystal Lettinga said, “Normally at a tournament, we would switch scorecards with our opponents. Now we just keep everyone’s score that you’re playing with, and we do not take the flag out of the hole.”

Other than these changes to procedure during matches, there are no other COVID-19 related differences for the golfers. Spectators are still allowed at matches, and there is no known limit to the amount of allowed admissions.

Coach Bill Maas has hopes that the Comets will be able to play in as many matches that COVID-19 and the approaching winter weather allows them. They have plans to continue until at least early November, weather permitting.

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