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OC FOotball

This upcoming Football season at Olivet College should be very interesting. The team is still complete and has filled the shoes for the seniors that graduated. The team last year were full of underclassmen.

Last season the Comets went 8-2 and they feel they left some games on the field that should've been won. This season we are starting off with an tough opponent in Central College. They are the #17 team in the country for Division III, they haven't had a losing season in a very long time.

The team is still working out hard and making the best of this off time. I am returning to the team from a year off of football and I feel very excited to be playing I started as a Sophomore at Right Guard and plan on starting again.

There are some players that's returning that I think the whole league should look out for. We have plans to win the conference and win rings. We don't just plan on winning the conference we want to win it all.

The first Game will take place at home at 1 pm, against Central College (IOWA) should be a good one.

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