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NBA Season Cut Short

The NBA season was cut short due to COVID-19. A few NBA players caught the virus, the Player who stand out that stand out are Rudy Gobert, he thought it was a joke and was playing around and touched teammate Donovan Mitchell and they both contracted the virus.

The commisioner of the NBA Adam Silver cancelled the remainder of the season and the playoffs.

Before the season ended it was very promising and it looked as there would be some tough competition. I think the virus isn't going to be over any soon and I think they should have the playoffs.

The team that looked like they were going to take it all in my opinion would be the Lakers. I think they were playing together and I think they were going to hard to beat.

There were a few teams that really stood out I think the Lakers and the Clippers were going to be in the Conference Finals.

The east looked real good as well it looked like the Celtics and the Bucks were going to be in the Conference Finals as well.

I don' t know what's going to happen but there should be a return to the Playoffs at least in my opinion.

There were talks about the season coming back in June. It's not final but that would definitely be huge.

This has been a tough time for everyone and I hope things return back to normal.

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