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Loving who YOU are

Loving who you are is so important. We live in a society that tells us WHO WE ARE. Which is not society place. Sometimes you find the best of you during a low time or the healing of that low time. That could be through depression, loneliness, not being accepted, and even abused. But, through these difficult times, you have to love you and NOT GIVE UP ON YOU! Pain hurts but, love strengthens. Love comes from the inner you.That inner person or voice you hear saying "Don't give up, keep going!"

Having depression and anxiety during this time IS SO HARD! TRUST ME! But, tell that adversary, I am getting up TODAY! Do SOMETHING, GET UP! Write if you have to, sing your favorite song and let the world hear you!

Times may not get better but, YOU will! You have to allow YOU to get up again. We all have an adversary. But, you have to say NO! You have to say I WILL NOT to the adversary. The one who is trying whatever and wherever to pull you down. You may say, "Where too?" To falling down. Your gateway to falling down is anything that will pull you back into a position of feeling overpowered. "Well, what can I do?" Find something positive, that will make you smile or laugh. My First Lady of the church I attend tells me "Find something that makes you laugh at least ten seconds a day!" To you who is reading this, try it..EVERYDAY!


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