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Limitless Range Podcast Episode 5

Limitless Range Podcast is a sports podcast hosted by Olivet College students Travis Garner and Logan Sella. With the main focus is the NBA, we also include the XFL, basketball trivia, other various sports, and life experiences.

In this episode, things went a bit differently than they normally do, with a good chunk of discussion on the COVID-19 outbreak. We discuss the mass shut down of all major sports globally. As we are an NBA centered podcast, most of the discussion was about the NBA, which put the season into hiatus on March 11. We discussed how long the hiatus could last, the money lost, and the short-term and long-term effects of it. If and when the NBA returns, how will it be played out? It could jump right into the playoffs or finish out the final games of the regular season. We discuss those two scenarios. There are talks that this long-term suspension of play could bring on permanent changes to the NBA schedule. This could have an effect on the NBA salary cap next season as well. In this realm, we also discussed what celebrities and NBA players have tested positive for COVID-19. Here is the tweet where the hiatus was announced.

Also, in the realm of sports, major college sports have all been canceled. This includes Olivet sports, and colleges all across not only the nation, but the world. Logan Sella discusses his thoughts on missing his junior season of baseball. There are talks of the NCAA allowing students one extra year of eligibility to play out the rest of their career, if they would like. Here’s a link to an article by Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports concerning the extra year of eligibility.

In football, we discuss some major happenings in NFL free agency. At the time of recording, Tom Brady had just announced that he had left the Patriots to pursue football elsewhere. Then, we wonder aloud about why NFL free agency maybe isn’t as compelling as NBA free agency. Here is Tom Brady’s Announcement on Twitter.

Next, we fell down a bit of a rabbit hole discussing professional wrestling. Logan was a WWE fan back in the mid to late elementary years. I was a fan from 2006, up until about 2013, and just got back into it around mid 2017. We discuss who some of our favorites were growing up and why I still watch. I have been watching old 2011 WWE paper views over this long hiatus, just for something to do. We discuss the repercussions of the virus for the WWE, and new standout wrestling company, AEW. WWE has chosen to move all their shows to the performance center with no fans and limited personnel on hand. This includes WWE’s flagship event, WrestleMania. In this, what have we both been up to over this long time away from the podcast, and away from college with this virus? Well, we both have been playing a lot of video games, I have been watching a lot of WWE Network and wrestling in general.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Limitless Range Podcast. Stay tuned to for more information on our podcast, COVID-19, and more. Stay tuned for future episodes.

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