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Jammin' through history podcast

Join Grace Forbush and Alyssa Bergey as they retell History in a (hopefully) entertaining manner.

While this has started on the internet, Grace and Alyssa are now taking to the internet to try and keep people educated and entertained. Welcome to the first try of making Jammin' Through History a podcast. While Olivet College is closed due to Covid-19, we are posting new episodes weekly over the internet instead of over the radio.

So, sit back and relax as we explain the history of the United States. This week we look into the Korean War.

What started it?

Who fought in it?

What was the outcome?

All of these questions can be answered within our episode. We also take a break from the Korean War to talk about the state of the United States and what Covid-19 means for us.

Check it out here:


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