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Home with Dogs

As you all may know, we've been dealing with a pandemic for almost a year now. Well my school let us home early for the semester, once again, due to more outbreaks.

I love being at home. I love getting home cooked meals, having my own room with a nice bed, I love cuddling my dogs, etc. It's always so much fun being home. My parents are actually cool in my opinion and I like to hang out with them. My dad makes me laugh nonstop, and my mom is the sweetest woman. We always play games and watch movies and occasionally drink a little together which makes things even more fun.

My dogs fit right in with our family dynamic. They are so funny all the time, they're always playing and doing weird things that make us laugh. So being home this past week, has really brought up some old and funny memories of all of their wildness, while still creating more.

We got my oldest dog, Kona in October of 2016. She was a rescue who had PTSD and anxiety. No one knew her age due to the fact she had been a stray in the South. To the touch, she would jump with fear. As she became comfortable with us, she developed separation anxiety, so when we all left for school and work during the day, she would destroy everything. More specifically, she had a terrible habit of "counter surfing". There were a number of times where we would come home and fine a loaf of bread torn and chewed up on the floor, along with a bundle of apples and other food.

She was eventually trained, but before that long process, we encountered quite a memorable Thanksgiving.

We had Kona for about a month when this incident happened. Keep in mind, Kona was about 30 pounds. give or take, and that year, we had a turkey half the size of her, about 15 to 16 pounds.

My parents and I went to a family friend's house one day, and we had left the big turkey in our sink to thaw, so we could eat it the next day for Thanksgiving. When we got home, we found a dismembered turkey on our living room floor. To this day we have no idea how she got it. Considering the fact it was half of her weight, she wasn't even a tall dog, she never got all fours on the counters (only her front paws), etc.....

We got my youngest dog, Kaia, in May of 2019. She was a funny little puppy when we first got her. She was also a rescue, but luckily with no trauma this time. When we got her, we brought Kona along with to make sure they would get along. Although at first Kona was kind of like "what the heck guys what are you doing why are you giving another dog attention right in front of me", she ended up playing with her really well. Kaia was a tiny puppy and Kona was fully grown, but she played very gently and it was very sweet.

As Kaia grew bigger and older, my family referred to here as "Derpy" quite often. She does the weirdest thing, lays in the weirdest positions, makes the weirdest sounds, and much more.

Kaia does not have any super crazy story like Kona does, but we could share funny stories about her every day. I remember one time hearing a very unusual noise that I hadn't heard before. When I went to investigate, I saw Kaia digging in her crate, not going anywhere or making any progress, but really trying to do something! It was when she was still little, so as she was trying so hard to dig somewhere, she lost control of herself and completely flipped over! It was so adorable yet hilarious at the same time. After she flipped she sort of just lied there with the look of defeat in her eyes.

About a year and a half later after adopting Kaia, my two dogs have become the best of friends. Kona is so well trained now, and Kaia wants to do everything Kona does. Kona leads such a good example in that way, since Kaia is the troublemaker nowadays. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Kona is better with people, Kaia is better with dogs. Kona loves to train and work, Kaia loves to play and chase. Kona loves to snuggle, Kaia loves to lay in weird spots and positions.

My family couldn't have found better pups to fit our dynamic. They're also quite high maintenance so they need 2 walks a day, when they're not at doggy day care 2 days of the week. With them needing so much exercise to lose energy, it's allowed our family to bond, especially during quarantine. We take them to all different dog parks and nature preserves in our city to adventure as a family.

Please enjoy this picture from a family walk, where our dogs looked like they belonged on the cover of a rock album.

So I put them on a fictional rock album cover!

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