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Have you played Call Of duty:Mobile?

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Call of Duty: Mobile is a mobile version of Call of Duty, a game that can be played on game systems like Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The game was released last year in October. The mobile version of the game is available on the apple store and android for free.


Since the release the game has had multiple updates, including new guns, characters, maps, game modes and seasons.


Every season the rewards are changed, and each season comes with a new battle pass. This season was my first time purchasing the battle pass after learning that under 10 dollars you can get the pass and earn your CP (COD Points) back. Meaning that with the battle pass along with exclusive characters, guns, and crates, you get the 460 CP you spent on the battle pass back. If you play enough to earn tiers, it only takes 50 tiers to earn everything in the battle pass.


Call of Duty: Mobile also had zombie mode which is no longer available. But for the time it was on their it was fun, not as complicated and challenging like on a system, but the rewards were cool.


COD: Mobile also has Battle Royale mode where you can play solo or with a team against 100 people. Where you try to find equipment like guns, ammo, armor and healing stuff to try and survive until everyone but you or your team are the last players left.


You can also just play in Multiplayer, with games like “Team Deathmatch”, “Search & Destroy”, “Hardpoint” and “Domination”. Other modes like “Snipers Only”, “Free for All”, and “One Shot, One Kill” are rotated in and out of the game. In multiplayer you can play ranked matches where you can also earn exclusive guns. Ranked matches are more challenging too. Players rank from the lowest: Rookie I, II, III, IV, V to Veteran 1-5 to Elite 1-5 to Pro 1-5 to Master 1-5 then Legendary. I am currently Master II.


Multiplayer, Battle Royale and even Zombies allows you to play with friends. Overall Call of Duty: Mobile is a great game and has done a great job to keep players interested and playing. From the release date they were a lot of issues like glitches, graphics and other things but have been fixed. If you like Call of Duty, you should definitely try out their mobile version.

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