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Hello Everyone! And welcome back to Greasyback’s Blog,

Today, I’m taking a break from the films and shows in order to share a story about my cousins two German Shepherds. It may not be as funny as it seemed but of course, with such little normality in these trying times, it’s hard not to celebrate the little things.

So the story goes like this:

Yesterday, while I was filling out job applications, my cousin ran downstairs and said he had to go out. I just nod and agree to watch over the dogs. Now, it is roughly 9 in the morning. The dogs are awake and they are hyperactive as usual. So I stop my work and take them outside to play around. Both of the shepherds are about 2 years old, and they are named Blitz and Max. I go to the back door and before I could even move the handle the dogs rush me and basically breakout themselves. They started running around the yard, picking up toys and fighting each other. You know, the stuff dogs will always do.

About that time, the mail was being delivered. I noticed the car about a block down the road. Unfortunately so did Max. Now, one thing my cousin had neglected to inform me of was Max’s new affinity for jumping the fence. After the incident my cousin claimed it was because he “never did that before”. Either way, He takes off like a bullet, leaps over the fenced with utmost grace and then charges for the mailman. After being dumbfounded by what just happened for about five seconds, I grab his leash and take off after him! I catch up to the mailman, who is now in his car while my cousin's dog is circling it looking to play. At least, I hope the dog only wanted to play.

I clip his leach to him and then pick him up and carry him home. It was easier to pick him up than to try dragging him away from his “new friend”. I waved at the mailman and took both dog’s back inside. About 40 minutes later my cousin arrived and we laughed for almost an hour about the whole situation.

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