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This week I want to dig a little deeper into something personal, dreams. My dream is to be a radio personality, write for a magazine, host shows like America's Got Talent, and have my own TV show to interview celebrities. Now usually when people hear that they laugh at me. “That's Impossible” they say “That's not a realistic dream” They would say. But I’ve grown up studying and loving celebrities, I have learned that a majority of them were told that they would never be famous and now they are. I’ve been

lucky enough to come from a family that never brings you down, they only lift you up. I come from friends that on build up my confidence and stick up for me when people doubt me. I am now attending a college that has never once laughed at my dreams and have only gave me positive thoughts and ideas for my future career, My professors only offer me new opportunities daily. I’m so lucky that I was given the chance to come from such a loving and positive family, and I now get to attend a college that only wants to see my dreams come true and help me along the way. But I know that isn't always the case for everyone. So I am here to be the person that only builds you and your dreams up. I want to say that you and your dreams aren't a joke. Your dreams are something to be celebrated and cheered for. I hope that you know that, I hope that you know that nothing is impossible and you can conquer anything you set your mind too. Now I'm not saying it will be easy, but it will be well worth it, I promise. Remember that people will always doubt you and will always laugh at you, use that as a fire. Make all those negative thoughts into something positive. You are in charge of your future and anything is possible. As corny as it sounds, nothing is impossible if you work hard. I hope that this blog reaches someone that like me, has always been doubted and has always been laughed at. I hope that all your dreams come true and all your hard work becomes well worth is. Never stop fighting for what you want, you deserve to live your dreams, and one day I will be able to live my dreams thanks to my family, friends and OC, and I can only hope that you get to live out your dreams as well.

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