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Creative Crash

I enjoy working on creative projects, such as video editing goofy videos or practicing voice acting. However, with school and clubs filling the majority of my time, I often have zero time to do personal projects. The goal of this stream was to broadcast the creative process in action, showing the audience my thought process while also accepting new ideas from my viewers in chat. This was also the stream the was the most alien, because I have never seen someone else successfully stream like this.

This stream has proven itself to be the most personal stream. Video games all demand a level of attention that pulls you away from looking at chat and responding to your audiences. But just laying back, editing a video, cutting clips and laughing at videos together gives plenty of time to connect to your audience. Some of the most memorable moments have been from this Creative Crash stream where myself and my audience laughed at photos of my high school prom that I was editing for a vlog. Overall, a fun stream that I would recommend to other content creators.

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