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Ask dj! advice column by dj Vore

Question from Zeke 

Sup DJ. Being home has been tough. I'm not getting along with anyone that resides in my house. How can we manage to stay civil during a period where we cant get away from each other? 

Hi Zeke, thank you for writing me. I absolutely know how you feel. My brother and I have been bickering with each other for weeks now. It's so different being home and not at college, its like Im back in high school. One thing we are doing is having scheduled alone times. We started doing this a few weeks ago because we were constantly together. I stay in my room for a few hours while he sits with my dogs. This is when I do my school work. Then we swap and he goes and plays video games. At dinner we eat and watch TV together and then hang until bed. 

Another thing that will help is putting away electronics and staying off social media during times you are with your family. When we are on our phones, we don’t listen to each other and connections are interrupted. Putting our phones down will help us focus on others and be able to feel signals that were blocked off by electronics.

Maybe y'all can pull out the old board games and pictures. Do stuff as a family after everyone has had their alone time. It will make connections so much stronger and get us through the pandemic. 

Thank you for writing me,

Best DJ 

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