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ask dj! advice column by: dj Vore

Question from Yellow Duck 

Hello DJ! Im having a hard time coming to terms with who I am. Im gay and I know it, but im not out yet and im scared of what will happen when I come out. Any advice?

Hello Yellow Duck. Thank you for coming to me with your situation. First take a deep breath, a few of them. Do you feel better? Make sure to do that often. Thats a trick Ive picked up over the last few weeks.

I understand what you are feeling. It is normal to feel this, though it totally sucks. I felt this way too, I personally experienced this at a younger age, so it was very confusing and I didn’t have resources to help. 

I know that it feels that your life will change after you come out. It most defiantly will, for the better. Don’t be scared. It will get better. You are going to go through some rough stuff before the water clears, but going through this journey is essential, and will change your life for the better. Coming out might delete people from your life, but that’s okay because if they left, they didn’t care about you in the first place. 

Coming out is one of the most beautiful journeys to go on. It changes your life for the better but remember that you are the same person, and nothing changed. A title was just put upon you.

I recommend joining a GSA. Even if you aren't ready to come out. GSAs are groups of people that gather together for support. Anyone can go to these groups, and its confidential. I personally am president of my colleges GSA, Common Ground. We are open to anyone coming so we can share our stories and hear yours. Please write again with update or if you need more help.

Best DJ 

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