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Ask dj! Advice Column by:DJ Vore

Question from Blanket 

Hi DJ! I'm glad to see you have your advice column back! I have a few things I need help with. Do you have any advice on how to stay motivated while practicing social distancing? I'm stuck. 

Hello Blanket! Thank you so much for your submission! I'm having a hard time staying motivated as well. It's hard being stuck in one place with the same people for this amount of time. And the nerves surrounding the virus it a lot of handle. 

I feel the same way. What I have been doing is a lot of relaxing and self-evaluation. Im not motivated at all and I see that as a problem. So, meditation and self-evaluation help me clear my head and move on. Another thing that has been helping me is constantly producing content. Weather that content is videos, vlogs, photos, or Tik Toks they are keeping me going. 

Another thing that is helping me through this is keeping up with my hygiene and self-image. I'm making sure to shower, do my hair, and makeup to not only take up time, but to help me remember I'm beautiful and I'm only here for a short time so there's no reason to be down.

Something I think would help you and many others would be journaling. Start a journal and talk about how you are feeling, why you are feeling this way (or why you think you are feeling this way), what's keeping you from changing the way you feel, and a goal you want to accomplish by your next entry. This is an amazing way to take up time, and rant while social distancing. 

Thank you so much, Blanket, for writing to me. I hope I helped you by share my story, and I hope that you can use someone of these coping skills to help you. Stay safe and Godspeed. 

Best, DJ 

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