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Favorite NFL Team

My favorite NFL team is the Lions. I love the Lions because I’m from Detroit and that’s all I grew up on. I really am a die-hard Lions fan because we are never that good of a team but I still support them. I really just love the spirit of the town and the players that play for the Lions. I think the Lions have gotten extremely better but we are still not at our best yet. The Lions are on the come up. I say this because they are young and they are just going to keep getting better.

I feel the reason the Lions don’t have the best seasons are because the coaching staff most of the time, but another reason is that they play in one of the hardest divisions, in my opinion. Also, I feel that they make the wrong decisions when they draft players. They don’t really get what they really need. They usually get a player that they want or feel could be good for the team. Additionally, I feel they need some more players with experience in winning because most of their teams are young.

To conclude, I feel that they make a few mistakes with their management and their coaching staff. I will always will be a Lions fan - even if I move to another state. I feel in the future the Lions will be a great team. Right now they are a good team, all they need is experience. I think that the Lions will win a Super Bowl soon.

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