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Hello, my name is Jada Nicole and I love the Television show Riverdale. If you don’t know what this show is about well you’re in luck, Riverdale is basically about a town of people that faces different problems within their homes and outside of it. There are two different sides in the town, the North side, which is the middle to upper class citizens of the town. These people don’t necessarily have criminals or any suspicious behavior on their side of town. Now, the other side is called the South side it’s the total opposite of the North side. The majority of the natives that live there are a part of a “gang” that protects and saves their people. Also they do whatever they can to save one another from any trouble they’ve got themselves into. This “gang” is called the South Side Serpents, have many different types of people a part of this group, from high school teens to elderly men and women. The two different side of towns do not get along by any means necessary; they very much dislike one another.

From my own personal opinion, I don’t blame the South side for disliking the North side because they don’t understand each and everyone's daily struggle and the problems they faces every day.The North Side doesn’t have it as hard as the South side because, every where the Serpents go they are going to be judged by everyone and discriminated against. I personally feel like the South side problems are more than just what the north think they are. The South has the Serpents to protect them all from any hurt and danger that side of the town faces. This is only a tiny bit of what goes on in the town of Riverdale. This show is all about two very different sides of the same town having different problems and any major issues they face weekly, sometimes daily. Riverdale has different perspective on the problems each character faces but, they’re in the eyes of high school teens from Riverdale high school and South side high school. If you want to listen to my perspective on all things Riverdale including, my review on each episode I am on air every Friday from 6pm-8pm on WOCR 89-1 “the one”. Thank you.

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