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The Road to Breslin part 1

It started out with an email that my mom received. We are avid fans of the WWE, also known as World Wrestling Entertainment, and have purchased tickets to past events they have had in the area. Ticketmaster comes in clutch every time they come back into town, emailing pre-sale codes to all who have purchased tickets to the show. Lo and behold, that was us! We've gone to multiple shows in Detroit.

Now, we live in Nowheresville, Michigan, about two hours from Detroit. The email in question had an advertisement for a WWE event they were having only 30 minutes away in Lansing! Something particularly curious about this event is that it's planted right between Sunday night WWE pay-per-view Hell In A Cell and Tuesday night SmackDown Live. Gives me all the more reason to go, since I plan on going to BOTH of those shows.

I have been reporting on wrestling for a year now on WOCR 89.1 The One. It is what I want my life's work to revolve around. I am highly invested so it is my goal to go to as many events as possible. That includes this one.

The event in question is a SmackDown house show, which is a smaller event than a televised episode of SmackDown Live, but meet-and-greet tickets are still around $600. At the last house show I went to on July 29th, I asked to see the ticket of someone who had a VIP Experience (what WWE calls the aforementioned meet-and-greet tickets) Pass. It told me all I needed to know. As a radio personality, it would be a dream opportunity to meet a wrestler and interview them for my show. An opportunity like that needs a good planned out scheme.

Join me as I come up with ideas for that night and view my attempts to finagle my way into the Breslin. I will be giving updates WEEKLY, and don't forget to tune into my radio show on Wednesdays from 2 - 4 p.m. on WOCR 89.1 The One. Thanks for reading!

[Editor's Note] this blog series is over as there are some circumstances that were not foreseen that cancelled our poor writer's plans.

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