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What is "22 Hours to Park City"?

By Asher Wertheimer

What is the 22 Hours to Park City podcast all about? In order to understand the podcast, you have to understand the hosts. Asher Wertheimer (that’s me) and Wade Foster have been friends since high school. Both of us try our hardest to be the best people we can be, we value education and life experience and are both huge nerds. One of the largest things that differentiate us, however, is our political leanings.

Wade tends to lean towards the right, and I lean towards the left. On top of that, we have different views on religious and spiritual matters, with Wade being more religious, and myself less so. Sometimes the gap between us is small, sometimes it is very large. Despite these differences, however, we remain good friends.

Recently, Wade and I have been having discussions about various topics. Such topics ran the gamut, from what happens to us when we die, to the impact of marijuana legalization. These talks would sometimes get heated, but we always found a way to remain civil and usually came to some sort of understanding. And, if one person made a point that countered or challenged our view, we didn’t claim it was false or attack their character. In these discussions, we realized that we were modeling a style of discourse that has been absent from our world lately. As a result, we agreed that it would be good to demonstrate how two people with differing opinions can have a civil and productive discussion.

That is the essence of 22 Hours.

It is a model for those who think the other side is unreasonable and that the gap in our country cannot be bridged. Our hope is to show the wider public what a productive discussion, and even debate, looks like. We do so by discussing many topics, including religion, death, climate change, universal health care, a wealth tax, the meaning of life, AI, and much more.

Curious about the name? You’ll have to listen to the last show to solve that mystery!

Find us on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Anchor!

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