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Through the Eyes of an OC Wrestler

By Crystal Lettinga, Audrey Helfrich

On Saturday, Nov. 23 the Olivet College Wrestling Team hosted its first home tournament of the season. After attending nationals last year, the Comets are working towards the same goal this year. Instead of viewing tournament day as a spectator, look through the eyes of an Olivet College wrestler on how they prepare for the day.

“Usually the tournament day is very exciting a lot of people are nervous. Tournaments like this are a little different than individual tournaments but is always a big deal. And you always want to prove yourself because you’re going against teams that are ranked teams that are really good, and teams that we are supposed to beat. And positions for the starting line up you gotta fight for,” said senior Andre Bourlier.

There is a different point of view when you compare a senior to a freshman. While comparing how the years of experience can affect a way a wrestler preforms and prepares for tournament day.

“Preparing in wrestling you really have to make sure your weight is good, can’t be cutting all this weight because you won’t be focusing on your technique. You're going to be focusing on getting all this weight off and that’s not good. You got to keep your weight down. Sometimes what I like to do when I have a big match I like to make sure I’m all stretched out. I like to make sure I'm able to move, I’m not stiff, I like to clear my head sometimes I just listen to music. And that really helps me out when I’m getting ready for a big match,” said freshman Zach Potter.

A part of being prepared is knowing how to calm your nerves on the mat. Every wrestler has their own way of controlling their adrenaline when they're competing.

“You got to keep a level head, I know that is a big thing. Keeping a level head during your matches making sure that you control the match, making sure that you control your opponent,” said sophomore Brian Paquette.

Wrestlers also need to have the right mindset before the go on the mat, and while they're wrestling.

“I wouldn’t say it’s all adrenaline on the mat and that head rush that you get from your adrenaline as soon as you step out there it’s hard to control at times. But composure is a big thing on the mat you have to take your time, set yourself in the mindset that your going to do good and going to win. And control the adrenaline don’t let it take over,” said Junior Zach Goff.

Olivet beat Mount St. Joseph 27-16, Ohio Northern 28-13, and Heidelberg 31-14, but lost to Millikin 32-7, overall giving the Comets a 3-1 record.

To see how the rest of the team did, check out the Olivet athletics page.

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