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Sadler's Selections Mini: Episode 6

Hey everyone, the sixth Sadler's Selections episode is here! This is actually the last episode for the semester! You can listen to it, as well as all other episodes, here:

This time, I had two topics in mind: Final Fantasy 7 Remake (I finally got my hands on it!), and a surprise update for Super Mario Maker 2 which added features that many fans have been clamoring for Nintendo to add for years. I figured with all of this sad stuff going across the news because of the virus, what better way to end off the show this semester than with two games that always put smiles on my, as well as many other people's, faces.

Oh, and don't worry: I'll still be posting on here throughout the summer.

But that's all I've got for now. Until next time, stay positive my friends!

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