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OC Men's Basketball Falls to Davenport

By Audrey Helfrich

As the basketball season gets underway, the men’s basketball team had an exhibition game before conference play begins. The Comets were on the road against Division II Davenport on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

The game ended in a 95-74 loss for the Comets. Despite the result there were a lot of good things to take away from the game.

“Playing them, they’re going to show us every little thing we do wrong that we need to get better at. That’s the beauty of it. And our guys are going to get up for that, they all think they should’ve been D2 at some time anyway, so you get a chance to prove yourself. I think it does way more good than harm,” said Head Coach Sam Hargraves.

Along with Hargraves, the players saw the upside on their performance against a Division II team despite the score.

“This is most definitely a bonus for us. We had a lot of good things we can take from this game and we can look over in film for practice. This is definitely something we did a good job at,” said sophomore Chris Long.

Despite all the positives, there is still room for improvement for the Comets. Looking towards the start of the season the Comets will use what they learned from the exhibition game to help them in their actual season.

“We need to do better as a team at rebounding, not just individually but as a group. Learning to move the ball a little bit better on offense is going to take time and eventually we’ll get better at that,” said junior Shawn Pardee.

After a 95-75 win against Spalding on Nov. 16, the Comets are back in action on Saturday, Nov. 23 at Wheaton.

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