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OC BASEBALL: So you're saying there's a chance?

By Jake Csizmadia

It is safe to say that the Olivet College Baseball team is not off to the best start they’ve ever had.

The team is 4-25 after losing a four-game series to Trine University after taking the first game. But I want to personally say, don’t count us out yet.

With three series to go against Alma, Calvin, and Kalamazoo it can still be done, and we can still make the MIAA tournament.

Yeah, we would have to sweep out every series but it can be done.

We are chasing three teams that are ahead of us in the conference and we could knock them out of tournament contention if we could sweep out.

We have enough talent as a team to do the job, but it’s just a matter of playing complete baseball games. Either our pitching will be on and our bats will be asleep, or our bats will be on fire and we will be hitting gap to gap and our pitching won’t be hitting spots.

The four games we’ve won were all good wins where we helped contribute on both sides of the field, offensively and defensively.

We are going to grind the rest of the year, watch us make a comeback.

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