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My All IN All At Olivet

Olivet College has been a well fit teaching institution for me. When I first came to Olivet College, I was touring the school during fall of 2017. It was so beautiful. I then knew Olivet was the school for me. I came in through the O2 Program. The O2 program is a program that give students a second chance who do not have the GPA nor grades to attend Olivet College. I passed the O2 program with A's! The classes are held through the summer. What an adventure summer!

After passing, I had faith to continue on at Olivet College. Freshman first semester I live in Shipherd. Later on, I moved to Dole. Dole was so peaceful. Since then, Dole Dormitory has been home for me on Campus. My first job on campus was working for the Admissions Office under Jamilia Johnson. From this point on, I became involved in many events at Olivet College.

I refused to be shy or closed in. Instead I got involved and introduce myself to others. I made plenty of strong and weak ties, from professors to colleagues to close friends. Olivet has been my all in all because I learned so much at Olivet College. I have not only grew in knowledge but, much more spiritually to my beliefs: stay close in biblical teachings and loving my neighbor as thyself. I plan on to continue my next couple years here at Olivet College. Stay tuned because there will be more.

Be More. Do Good.


DJ of The Gospel Show

Chapel of The Gospel Choir

Social Chair of Gospel Choir

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