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Limitless Range Podcast Episode 6


This is an overview of the sixth episode of Limitless Range Podcast. In this episode, myself and my co-host Logan Sella welcomed a guest on the podcast. That guest was Olivet College senior and basketball player Jackson Patton. This episode was more of just a general discussion.


First, we dove into Jackson’s basketball journey. We chatted about his start at Hudson High School, a school predominately known for its wrestling. This included his first college experiences at Adrian College, how he ended up there. Also, his short-lived term at Aquinas College and what caused Olivet to enter his radar. It was ultimately with the help of his best friend, Keyon ‘Do-Right’ Rainey that brought him to Olivet, and we’re happy to have him. Also, a topic of discussion is Jackson’s extensive jersey collection. Jackson states the he owns somewhere between sixty to eighty jerseys! They range from high school football and basketball, NFL, NBA, and college!


Next, we get another opinion on what is thought of the NBA shutdown, and what affect this outbreak has on us as individuals. Logan talks about his junior baseball season unfortunately being cut short due to the outbreak. In this realm, we also discuss when Major League Baseball plans to start their season, and the possibility of playing the world series on a neutral site due to the playoffs possibly running into the winter months.


We then dive into some NBA trivia to test our knowledge. In this segment, we collectively play a quiz and put our knowledge together to try and get the best score we can. Ultimately, we decided on our first quiz to do, that being naming every NBA 3-point contest winner. This one was bit tough for all of us, and we kind of struggled with the early 90s players.


In the midst of me looking for another quiz for us to do, Logan and Jackson got into a pretty heated discussion on Kawhi Leonard. This discussion was based around Logan mentioning that he thinks Leonard is overrated. Things really got hot when the debate began of whether Kawhi’s buzzer beater to knock the 76ers out of the playoffs last year was a lucky shot. At this point, I had to reel it in a bit, then we finally move to our final segment, one more ten question quiz, naming where some random NBA players went to college.

Stay tuned for future episodes of Limitless Range Podcast. Everyone stay safe, stay indoors, and wash your hands. We will all get through this pandemic together, at least 6 feet apart, but together nonetheless.

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