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Laura Barlond-Maas Re-Elected as Olivet's Mayor

By Nina Butts

The mayor of the city of Olivet, Laura Barlond-Maas, was reelected on Tuesday, Nov. 5 after running unopposed. She was mayor for four years 12 years ago.

About running unopposed, Barlond-Maas said, “It was nice because then I could focus on the city rather than an election.”

For her new term, Barlond-Maas “hopes to have a new comprehensive plan for the city.”

The current comprehensive plan expires next year. The comprehensive plan is a document that contains surveys of the city, maps, what the city currently has, and plans for future projects among other records for the city. According to Barlond-Maas, comprehensive plans help the city get grants for future projects.

The City Council meeting that was held on Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. also recognized the retirement of Larry Marsh as councilperson and mayor pro tem. He served on the council for 16 years.

“I’ve known (Barlond-Maas) for 36 years...she was mayor when I first got’s always been pleasant, she is a very take-charge individual and has a lot of good ideas,” Marsh said.

“She’s wonderful, she really is, and she really cares...if you bring her attention, she gets right on it...and she’s a get stuff done type person,” Marsh’s wife, Patricia, said.

Barlond-Maas currently doesn’t know if she will run for mayor again.

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