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JMC Seminar Sets the Tone

By Sidney McIntosh

At Olivet College, we have seminar every Wednesday morning, and that is your only class of the day. Seminar is when you meet with your fellow majors. For example, I’m a journalism and mass communication major, so everyone else in my major meets together with the professors. We sometimes go on trips, learn more about our major and just grow together.

The JMC seminar, I believe, is a little different than other seminars because the JMC program is smaller than a lot of other programs here. There are about 25 students in the seminar and it’s a lot of interacting with each other. At the beginning of every seminar, Professor Joanne Williams and Professor Daine Pavloski will do weekly events quiz because we are future journalists and should know the latest news. Then we will continue and learn about our major and possible jobs or internships.

Every year that I’ve been in seminar we have the opportunity to attend the Michigan Association Broadcasters event that is held in Lansing and that is always a great opportunity. We are able to connect with future employers or possibly get set up for an internship. Also in seminar, we try to make sure we’re involved with all media events on campus, so if anyone needs a photographer, videographer or writer, we always try to be involved. We also make sure The Echo and WOCR are in good shape and running well. The Echo is the student-run newspaper and WOCR is the student-run radio station.

My favorite part about seminar is connecting with students who have the same interests as me and connecting with future employers. I love that JMC is so hands-on and Professor Williams and Professor Pavloski do everything in their power to make sure we are set up for success. We all work together and help support each other as well. JMC seminar is great and we always have guest speakers come in to give us advice or explain all the jobs and opportunities that we can have if we put our all into it.

I really believe that seminar, in general, is an awesome thing for Olivet to have; and a lot of great things come out of it. Many colleges and universities don’t do a seminar, but it helps you make connections and grow stronger in your field. It’s truly a great asset to Olivet College.

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