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Lessons Learned After One Semester

By JD Hall

Now that I have gone basically through my first semester of college I’ve learned a lot. I have learned to not procrastinate on work and to do it with effort or you won’t really get the grade you want.

Another thing is to do your work on time or you will get a zero because some professors won’t let you make it up. As the semester went on I have gotten better at doing my work with more effort and starting on it early.

It really helped me as a man also in many ways. Olivet College is very different from the other colleges I had visited because of what they require and their priorities. Like other schools put sports over school but Olivet stresses school first and I love that. Being at Olivet helps me more than most people know.

One other thing is that I even stepped out of my comfort zone and got into broadcasting and that helped me with my social life. I talk to people more and I’m not shy like I used to be and being in broadcasting gets my voice out there for the people who do listen. I’ve made major improvements with one semester at Olivet I look forward to making more as I go along.

I plan on staying all four years and to become a better man, son, brother, uncle, and godfather.

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