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Hello Everyone! This is DJ Greasyback, the host of WOCR'S Greasy review.

Today, I decided to write a special post on my personal blog. That way its not really tied to my own show. It's because I feel that discussing movies about stoners is not a good image for WOCR. However, it's the perfect topic for today because its April 20th. (I.E. 4/20)

So, the film I watched last night in preparation of this post was Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke. Personally, I found the film to be hilarious. However, when I looked up its stats on Rotten Tomatoes, it came up at only 47% on the Tomatometer. This was surprising to me as the Audience score is 83%. Maybe the critics don't share the audience's humor? It's hard to determine. There's many theories about how people

rate films is different every time. Maybe that why people read reviews instead of just trusting a rating.

Speaking of humor, I did notice something about the film. A lot of its jokes were kind of like inside jokes for people who live down south. As well as just stereotype jokes and drug related jokes. So, maybe some people just didn't understand. Either way, I recommend watching this movie. It's not a timeless classic but it's definitely a film you wouldn't forget easily.

Oh, duh! I should probably tell you a little bit about the plot, right? Well, the movie is kind of like "How Cheech and Chong met". It starts with them starting their daily lives and then they happen to run into each other. They discuss they both play instruments and that they would play together in a band. After a pretty long day, the two take their band to a battle of the bands downtown. They perform and the crowd goes wild. The End.

Now, if you think I ruined the film, I assure you I haven't. I haven't even told you about the many different twists and turns of this film because i want my audience to enjoy the movie. Let's be real here, you're only reading this to know if this film is worthy of your time to watch it. So, now that you know my opinion and review, take the leap!

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