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BSU Hosts Wing Dinner to Support Trip to D.C.

By Chris Long

On Thursday, November 21 Olivet College’s Black Student Union held a chicken wing dinner that featured some delicious homestyle cooking. For $5 students were able to get a plate with their choice of fried or grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, sweet corn, apple cobbler, and even ice cream.

The event was put on by BSU student members as a fundraiser to help them pay for a trip to the African American Cultural Museum in Washington, D.C.

“we’re putting it on just to basically do a fundraiser on taking a trip to D.C. and go to a black museum, The Africa American history museum In Washington D.C. so we’re trying to do this to get some extra money," BSU Vice President Jamal Al-Uqdah said.

Another key person involved in the trip to D.C. for BSU is Associate Dean of Student Life, Jason Meadows. Meadows expressed that this trip would not only benefit these students by what they learn, but also by what they can bring back and apply on this campus.

“Their goal and their plan is to take BSU student to the African-American culture museum in Washington D.C. It is phenomenal, I’ve been there so I really want to encourage them to go get that experience it’s a lot of history and they can take some information from there and also bring it back to campus,” Meadows said.

Although the members of BSU are close, they have not yet reached their fundraising goals, so there will likely be a few more opportunities to help out the cause and get your fellow students to D.C.

For more information on how you can help or donate to the fundraising efforts reach out to Jason Meadows or Jamal Al-Uqdah.

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