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Are Video Games the Future of Sports?

By Chris Long

The popularity of video games has skyrocketed in today's day and age. To the point that it is now classified as a sport. Video game have perks and flaws to them. There are actually perks to playing video games that some people may not believe and that there is an education benefit that comes with video games despite your parent or family member telling you it isn’t.

Video games have evolved from mini arcade games with Street Fighter and Pacman on them to vivid and realistic VR (Virtual Reality) games where it actually feels like you’re there. Say you’re playing a sports game like Madden or NBA 2k. You get a better feel and learn more about the sport and the players on where they came from, how old they are and even their height and weight. With that, it isn’t just one set bulk of information it is updated almost every day to keep the realistic factor ongoing. Also, they have now incorporated real actors and real players to talk in the game and you can interact with them.

Esports is now a huge deal and is increasing in popularity in the sport and in views. They have now added the “NBA 2k League” by partnering up with the actual NBA to support and stream them. This is not a bad thing to get into in the future, with all the perks that come with being a professional gamer.

There are $100 million prizes for battle royale tournaments, no physical hindering injuries that may occur unlike the other sports and the simple fact that you are getting money for playing a video game.

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