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You need to heal

Those four words.

I have taken courage to write this for someone who is wondering why do I keep thinking about such a thing? Why am I so bothered? Or why do I keep going back? I AM STILL HURTING! Well, for me I found my answer to my hurt, pain and fear of life. The part of life WE as humans NEVER want to talk about.

I wanted to share this with you this morning because I wanted you to know I found my answer on my knees talking with God in Jesus name. I found my peace in that moment.

After hearing what I heard, I felt peace without second guessing. I have found what it is I needed. Not necessarily, looking for.

My hope and happiness dwells with the Father who’s in Heaven. I am truly passionate about my relationship with God. God is my source, He quiets my storms. He has wiped away my tears of sadness, hurt, abuse, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

This is for you who’s wondering

When you find that door, you will open up. You’re in my prayers. Be healed




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