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Founder's Day and My Journey

On February 20th, we, at Olivet College observe what is known as Founder’s Day, meaning the day where Olivet College students, staff, and faculty celebrate the origins of the college and Father Shipherd’s idea to establish a college for all walks of life it reminds me of my journey to Olivet College. As the College celebrated our long-standing tradition, as we have reached the College’s 175th year, it reminds me of how lucky I am to be a student at Olivet College.

Founder’s Day allows me to remember every life moment and challenge which led me to Olivet College’s campus, it reminds me of my personal journey to “Freshman Move In Day” in August 2016. I am reminded through the ceremony that every day at Olivet College is a blessing because of the great opportunities I have been presented with since I stepped onto campus as a freshman, a freshman worried about how I would feel being away from home and surrounded by strangers.

However, Olivet has shown me that I was destined to attend as I have been presented with nothing but opportunities over the past three years and given memories which I can cherish for the rest of my life. These opportunities and experiences have fostered my own growth, both in a professional and personal sense, as I have gained a better understanding of my future career and was given a better grasp on who I am as an individual.

Being away from home showed me that I was capable of being independent and able to rely on individuals outside of my family and close friends from high school. I have been able to come out of the shell which I hid in throughout my high school years, where I was quiet and did not actively pursue my dreams of becoming a police officer out the fear over the pending disapproval or disappointment of my family.

Olivet College, especially the professors of the Criminal Justice Department, have shown me over my three years that you have to pursue what will make you happy in your life despite the circumstances which you feel will hold you back. The consistent encouragement of my professors is why I have continued with my studies and am planning to attend the police academy before graduating in May 2020.

The faculty is a blessing in itself as every professor cares a great deal for their students and would go to the ends of the Earth to ensure a student was able to work through their personal and academic challenges.

I truly believe that Olivet College has been an amazing place for me as I have grown so much throughout my years here and have created friendships which will last long after we graduate; I will forever be thankful for Olivet College and all it has given me, which is why this Founder’s Day I reflected on my three years at Olivet.

As I near the end of my time within the classrooms of the Mott Building and near my future of working in the criminal justice field, I will remember all the times I had which brought me joy and the times that brought me sadness because throughout all of it I knew that Olivet College was the place for me the minute I stepped foot on campus as a nervous high school student.

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