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Super Bowl Picks

I have watched a lot of football this season and there are a few teams that have caught my eye and I feel will make it far and could even make it to the big game.

The team that I like the most this season is the New Orleans Saints. They have proved to be one of, if not THE best team in the NFC as they upset the Rams who had the best record in the NFC and they supposedly had the best defense.

I like how the Saints play together and it is really hard to beat them in my opinion but a lot can change as there are plenty of games left.

The teams I feel that can make it from the AFC are either the Patriots or the Chiefs. I couldn’t decide on one team because they are evenly matched and they already played each other once and the Patriots won, but I feel a lot can change between the two.

The teams I feel that will make it to the Super Bowl are the Saints and either the Patriots or Chiefs and either way, I feel it will be interesting.

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