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Browns FINALLY fire Hue Jackson

The Cleveland Browns FINALLY fired head coach and offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.

The reason he was fired because the owners and staff feel that he hasn’t made the organization any better and he has been with the team for two and half years and he has only won three games.

In the 2017 season Hue Jackson and the Browns didn’t win a game and the following season they didn’t start too good after getting superstar receiver Jarvis Landry and first-round draft pick Baker Mayfield.

Additionally, the Browns staff felt that he wasn't producing enough with the talent that he had in front of him. Also, there were a few rumors that the player didn’t think he knew how to utilize the offense.

The Browns have won two games since he has been fired and a reporter interviewed Baker Mayfield and he said he loves the way the offensive scheme has been since Jackson has left.

The Browns have looked like a way better team since Jackson has been gone after his overall record with the Browns was 3-36-1.

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