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Life of a Lineman

My name is Brandon Taylor and I’m an offensive lineman that starts for Olivet College.

This is the most amazing experience for me because I only imagined playing college football as a little kid and to actually be playing college football and starting is a dream come true.

Starting this season was something new to me because last year I didn’t even play and I had to get surgery on my shoulder. This year I started and I played a big part in the success of the Comets.Even though we didn’t have the season that we wanted, we did play together and I had fun with my teammates. Additionally, we had a better record than last season and we got both of our running backs over a thousand yards, which is something I didn’t even expect.

We went 6-4 this season and we didn’t win the conference but we pretty much have the same team returning next year and I feel we will play even better. There is plenty of good to say about this season and I can’t wait until next season.

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