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College Football Playoff

As the playoff looks right now it will be Alabama at 1, Clemson at 2, and Notre Dame at 3 and possibly either Oklahoma or Georgia at 4 since Michigan lost. Although I believe these are the correct standings I am not really looking forward to the playoff because Michigan is out now, but I also feel that is won’t even be close Alabama is going to beat everyone handily due to the combination of a dominant offense and defense. They're unlike anything anyone has ever seen so that is why I’m not really looking forward to this year's college football playoff.

Every game I’ve watched of Alabama they have been up by at least 30 points and their quarterback Tua has played in very few 4th quarters because they have been up by so much. I have not seen any other team this year show that kind of dominance week in and week out. This is shown most dominantly by the fact that some of the toughest competition they’ve played were LSU and Auburn. They beat LSU 29-0 and Auburn 52-21. That is just pure domination and I don’t think anyone really has a chance at all to beat these guys. I am not an Alabama fan by any means and I would love to see them lose I just don’t think anyone will beat them


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