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ASK DJ DEEJ: Long Distance Love


I've been in a relationship for three years, but we are going to different colleges. I don't have time to talk much. I feel that my relationship is slipping away, what can i do to save my relationship?


Dear TWDC,

I don’t have much experience with relationships, but I help my friends out a lot. I know it's very hard going to a different college than your partner. I don’t think you should break if off if you feel something. I think you can strengthen the relationship if you try hard enough. Try to go see them on weekends, and every holiday. Make sure to call or send a message every day. It's old-fashioned but writing letters and send pictures to their college mail box can really help! The most important thing is to make sure they know you're dedicated to the relationship. Hold on tight to that relationship and go forward; see what happens.

Thanks for writing in,


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